Acrylic Solid Surface Dealers In Jaipur

Acrylic solid surface is a material that is used for counter top and other surfacing applications. Sudarshan ply lam is the remarkable distributor of wood and laminate products in India and deals with innovative acrylic solid surface. There are numerous varieties when it comes to selection of table tops needs, marble, wood and considerably solid surface products, yet over the long haul Acrylic solid surface is the ultimate choice for your venture. Acrylic solid surface are easy to clean, and repair if required.

We provide over 60 standard colors and patterns. Our true domain is custom color and pattern development. We feel delighted on our creativity in working with designers from all across the worldwide. Our acrylic has intrinsic ultra violet inhibitors that protect it from harmful sun rays creating it enormously long-lasting.

Incredible Features of acrylic solid surface:

  • Scratch resists and is promptly repairable with sandpaper and scotch Brite pad.
  • Non-Porous material which resists staining and is not difficult to clean
  • Design flexibility
  • Large collection of shades and patterns
  • Cuts, scratches, marks can easily be repaired
  • Solid material is easy to renew
  • Solid material is used
  • Cost effective
  • Wide granite materials
  • Unlimited spectrum of colors
  • Simple processing

Benefits of acrylic solid surface:

Most advanced fabrication technology: The most advance fabrication technology is used to fabricate better acrylic solid surface with improved structures.

Renewable: It has renewable and repairable properties hence if anything goes wrong with the material it will get restore to its original state by experts.

Sustainable: We support Eco-friendly materials so that it can be recycled at the end of life cycle. We assure 100% warrantee for our products.

Hygienic: The material has waterproof properties hence it helps to maintain hygienic, clean and sanitized.

Wide range of shapes: Every possibility is available to designer to fabricate precise washrooms, kitchen, hospitals etc. with wide range of acrylic solid surface. It is ideally synchronized with mixing and matching.

Dramatic translucency: Specific colors and thickness display superior translucency when exposed to light. Countless textures and patterns can be created into material to increase translucency effects.

Strong: The Acrylic solid surface is strong, robust and durable features like stone.