Decorative Veneers In Jaipur

Veneers are refers as thin sheets or slices of wood acquired from the trees. It is easy to understand how veneer is obtained and utilized for many purposes. The sheets are normally less than 3 mm (1/8 inch) thick and wood veneers are also known as natural substance. More often thin sheets are been stuck together to make either laminate wood or plywood. Plywood are generally consists of more than 3 layers of veneer. Veneer can be obtained from the various trees such as teak veneer or oak veneer. A thin sliced of wood obtained from teak wood is recognized as teak veneer in the market and oak veneer means thin sliced layer of oak wood.

The veneer can additionally be stuck onto core boards, particle board or medium size fiberboard’s. It gives spontaneous look to the boards that had been attached with veneer. Later these veneer covered boards are utilized to fabricate flat boards such as doors, tops, cabinets, parquet floors and parts of furniture. The beading of veneer is used as decorative purposes to place around the objects.

If people are looking to give their home a dazzling touch, then Sudarshan ply lam Decorative veneers is the ideal solution. “Sudarshan ply lam” is the phenomenon beautiful veneer brand in the country. Its offers an extensive variety of natural decorative veneers obtained all across the globe. We endeavor the world’s most outstanding veneer from Walnut to Rosewood to Mahogany to Ebony and many more.

Decorative veneers in Jaipur make use of diverse types of veneer-making tools to obtained veneer either by peeling the trunk of tree or by slicing large rectangular blocks of wood called as flitches.

There are 3 main kinds of veneer-making machine used:

Rotary lathe: This machine is mainly used for plywood and in this wood is turned against sharp blade and peeled off in single constant or semi-constant roll.

Slicing machine: This machine is mainly used for slicing the thick part of wood with its blade and it is also known as crown cut seems to be like swan piece of wood.

Half-round lathe: This machine is mainly used to grain the major part of wood to get its half round slices.

With the help of this machine distributors of decorative veneers in Jaipur provides comprehensive ranges of veneers sheet design with colour, textures, extraordinary features, rich-quality, lowest cost and assured warranted.

There are several types of veneer available in the market:

Raw veneer: It can be used as either side facing up and has no backing on it.

Paper backed veneer: This type of veneer is backed with paper

Phenolic backed veneer: It is used for composite or artificial wood veneers.

Laid up veneer: Raw materials of veneers are combined together to make greater pieces.

Reconstituted veneer: Raw veneer cut and at the same time they are painted. It is generally used for fast growing species.

Wood on Wood: It is made out of evaluation wood backer and used for decorative purpose.