Veneer Sheets Designs

We are involved in distributing the most exotic veneer sheets designs in different stunning range and size according to customer’s tastes and preferences. They can be used in countless applications based on its size and color.

It is divided into three parts such as:

Light veneers: It is designed to illuminate your interior imparting softness, coziness that relaxes the mind. People select light veneer to keep their room cool, fresh and delighted with light colors.

Medium veneers: Medium veneers are a blender of light and dark combination that appeals the viewers. It has mellow rich, solid and shimmering designs that truly become center of attraction. The combination of medium veneers is enticing and worth observing over and over again.

Dark veneers: Dark veneer is designed to enhance rich and sophistication styles of your interior that evoke a sense of luxury and glory of beauty.

There are various types of veneers available in the market with standard quality, rich-designs, and great features.

Here are the lists of veneers sheet designs:

Dyed Veneer: Dyed veneer provides a designer an unlimited palette to work on. It has standardized tone, shine and saturation during the sheet. Once they get attached, it creates surface so reliable in color that it would be difficult to achieve by means of painting measures.It provides wide array of possibilities and turns the imagination into reality. Dyed veneer are utilized to create modern furniture for home or business atmosphere that always emphasis its exclusiveness and class.

It has attractive pattern and shades, excellent surface finish, upgraded glue shear strength, vibrant colors, fashionable design, durability. Dyed veneers are used in surface construction and furniture.

Onyx Veneer: Onyx veneers provides beauty of natural timber and decorative veneer sheets are outstanding rich in texture, colors and patterns and are available in numerous sheet sizes. It is used in furniture, flooring, parquet, musical instruments, and wooden door. It has natural timber and original beauty with clear rough wood texture. It has exclusive features of coarse grain and superior strength.

Cork Veneer: Cork veneer is a naturally enriched and modern substitute to traditional veneers. It is available in exclusive varieties of ideal pattern, styles and shades to compliment any furniture style or decor that adds pleasure to any room. Extraordinary room design can be created through cork veneers. It is only used in flooring. It is easy to use because it has elegant look, very absorbent, perfect in finish, termite resistant, dimensional accuracy and high strength.

Sapele Crown Veneer: Sapless crown veneers have warm reddish colored that is used in domestic creation. It is blend with light and dark combination and seems to be very attractive once finished. Its great features looks prominent on table tops, door fronts and moderately dependable.It is used in domestic furniture, shop fitting, wall lining and marine interior.

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